Plan ahead tips for weddig dresses

Plan Ahead Tips

We can help you find an affordable

and beautiful dress for your special day.

When you plan ahead, finding and trying on your

perfect wedding dress can be a magical experience.

So now that you have decided to start your wedding gown search,

here are some helpful hints that may help you:

Make an appointment. Some bridal shops may take walk-ins, but you're really not going to get that top-notch service you're looking for. This is an important time in your life...give it the respect it deserves and make that appointment.

In our case, make it with Theresa.

Allocate the time. It would be good not to schedule back to back vendor appointments on that same day. Most appointments take 1 to 2 hours and

you want to be relaxed and not rushed.

Know the type of dress you might like. Be prepared to describe the type of wedding dress you see yourself wearing. Bringing in photos can be helpful. This will make your appointment run smoother and your wedding consultant to be more productive in her search for your perfect wedding dress. 

Click here for some general descriptions of the different wedding gown styles

Know your budget. Discussing your budget with your consultant helps her find your wedding gown, being secretive only wastes both of your precious time. It would be upsetting to try on dresses that are totally out of your budget. However at the Dressing Room, if you're working with Theresa, you're already at a bridal shop that specializes in affordable,

yet gorgeous wedding dresses, so we can work with almost any budget!

Wear the proper undergarments and shoes. If you really want a strapless gown, come prepared by wearing a strapless bra to help you accurately visualize the fit. Also bring a pair of heels along in the height you will want to wear — they don't have to be the exact shoes, just similar height will help

give you a more accurate picture of the final look.

It would be nice too, if you limited your perfume and makeup so

as not to stain or damage the gowns you are trying on.

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