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Fabric Decisions are Important

Selecting the perfect fabric for you wedding gown is not always an easy decision.  There are so many to choose from. The important thing is that you not only want to be beautiful, you also want to be COMFORTABLE.

Picture yourself  getting married on the beach, in July, wearing a velvet or brocade gown.  You look amazing, however, before the ceremony is over, you have perspiration stains under your arms and beads of sweat on your neck and face.Not a pretty picture!  Perhaps you selected a venue in the mountains during the month of February. Your designer chiffon gown is amazing. Your about to say your vows but you are shivering uncontrollably and your lips are turning blue. You can not even focus on the ceremony. 

So, when you make your selection, be sure to keep in mind the time of year and location of your wedding because FABRIC is important!

Here are some options:

Dotted Swiss is a lightweight fabric that is good to wear in warm or hot weather.  Elegant dots are featured throughout the fabric. Veils are sometimes made with this fabric.

Organza is often used in wedding gowns, It is lightweight and  sometimes confused with chiffon. It is used in wedding gowns to create an elegant exterior or to add fullness underneath a ball gown. 

Charmeuse is frequently found in lingerie, because it is lighter and softer than satin. It drapes nicely on the body. It is shiny on one side and matte on the other. It  is best for , flowing styles, empire, mermaid gowns. 

Crepe fabric appears wrinkly and silk like, It is a good fit for ballgowns and mermaid fits. 

Tulle is like a net fabric you often see under the skirt of a ball gown.  It is light- weight and inexpensive. It hides wrinkles and is good to wear any time of year. 

Satin  is a mix of different fabrics. It is made of rayon, silk, and nylon.  It and be light or heavy worn in any climate. It has a sheen and is used often in the bridal industry.  It is romantic and elegant but it wrinkles easily.

Taffeta appears ribbed with a light sheen.  It is best used on ball gowns. It is lightweight and looks good wrinkled.  It iurable but it will make noise when walking.

Jersey is best worn in fall. It is inexpensive and comfortable.

Illusion  is a sheer net-like fabric often used on a sleeve or on a neckline. 

Lace comes in many patterns and a variety of styles. It can be used  for the entire dress or added on top of other fabrics. It could be lightweight or heavy and worn in all seasons.

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