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Factor in Alterations in your Wedding Gown Budget

Congratulations! You said, “Yes” to the dress! Before getting too excited, remember you will most likely need alterations.  It is rare to find the perfect fit. Cost will depend on how many changes you plan to make to the dress. Most gowns need a hem, bustle and the sides taken in or let out. These are pretty standard alterations however, if you want to add sleeves, straps, or change the design of the dress, price will increase. The more changes you make, the higher the cost.

You may have purchased your dress a year in advance, but please wait until two or three months before the wedding to have it altered.  Getting fitted too early will not allow for weight loss or gain in the months ahead. You will most likely have two to three fittings so don’t get upset if it isn’t perfect after the first one. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and let your seamstress know about your concerns.

Be sure to bring any undergarments and shoes that you are planning to wear on your wedding day. This will insure that the hem is right and it fits perfectly.

Remember you have selected a professional to work with your dress and he or she will do whatever it takes to make your vision a reality.

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