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Types of

Wedding Dresses

There are many different types or styles of wedding dresses. It helps to know your body type and which wedding dress style would look the best to flatter your body shape. We hope this guide helps you determine which wedding dress style might be best for you.These are, of course, just guidelines and don't take into account other factors like your age, weight, and your personal style. So, just use these as ideas...We cater to you and we know you are unique and sometimes hard to fit in any particular category!​ Whatever your shape, you CAN find the perfect dress... because after all, we're all unique and perfect in our own way.

Be patient, keep an open mind and seek out the help of a caring professional (like Theresa!)and you're be the belle of the ball! Happy fittings!

Types of Wedding Dresses

The Inverted Triangle

This shape is a bit top heavy with broad shoulders, large bust and narrow hips.  To create the illusion of an hourglass, it helps to balance the lower body with the upper body. Best to wear flowing fabrics, low to medium-low necklines, a well-fitted bra and dresses that flow from the waist. This shape looks great in an A-line or Ball Gown type of wedding dress that has a strapless or sweetheart neckline.

The Rectangle

This shape is more typically known as the boyish, athletic body type. The bust and hips are roughly the same size and the waist is undefined. This type usually has a small to medium bust and slim legs and arms. Styles that flatter this shape are the Sheath, Empire, A-line, Ball Gown and Mermaid with a portrait or strapless neckline... you can wear it all girlfriend!

The Apple

This shape is full-figured from the hips up, though your legs can be on the thin side.

A fitted bodice does wonders for this shape and styles that flatter included the Empire 

and the Ball Gown with a sweetheart or strapless neckline. The fitted bodice plays up your ample bust and gives your waist definition.

The Pear

This shape, know as the pear-shape, presents as the bottom half of your body, hips, thighs and bottom having more weight than your top half. For a more proportioned look, you would look beautiful in an Empire, A-Line or Ball Gown wedding dress  with a strapless, or halter top with circular collar.

The Hourglass

The hour glass body shape has the shoulders and hips at almost the same width, as well as a well defined waist. Fitted gowns show off this curvy shape well. Flattering styles include the Sheath, A-Line, Ball Gown, Dropped Waistline, and Mermaid. For a neckline, strapless works, as well as one-shoulder and scoop necklines.

The Mermaid or Trumpet Wedding Dress

Mermaid or Trumpet style wedding dresses hug the curves closely and are a great choice if you feel like to want to accentuate your curvy figure.This popular style is most flattering to hourglass and rectangle shape.Women that are petite may find that it shortens their appearance and so may find this  unappealing. This isa beautiful shape for the fit, yet curvy girl.

The A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress

A-Line wedding dresses are wonderful choices for almost any bride. This flattering dress shape balances out top heavy shapes and helps hide some tummy bulge. Body shapes that look great in an A-Line wedding dress include the Inverted Triangle — 

because it balances out the top heavy shape, the Rectangle, the Pear and the 

Hour Glass. This style is also known as the Princess Wedding Dress style.

 A most forgiving style, it's a great choice for most brides.

The Empire Wedding Dress

This is a very forgiving wedding dress shape, great for many body types.  It tends to flatter the Inverted Triangle, the Apple, the Pear and the Hour Glass. Classically it has a high waistline and the seam is just underneath the bust and the fabric below the waist falls gracefully to the floor. Slim brides with small busts tend to like this shape as well and pregnant brides find this the most comfortable shape to wear.

The Sheath or Column Wedding Dress

The Sheath or Column

Wedding Dress

The Sheath, which is also known as the Column wedding dress runs pretty much vertically from the shoulders down to the floor and the hem does not flair out, like it does in the A-Line, Empire or Ball Gown. These dresses are usually body-hugging wedding gowns and work best for slim brides with balanced figures. It is also suitable for petite brides on the slim side since it tends to elongate their shape.If you are not super confident in your shape, you might want to mark this one off your list, as you want to be happy and confident on your wedding day.A slim Hour Glass may like the body hugging features of this dress style, but the best suited shape seems to be the Rectangle for

this Column wedding gown.

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The Ball Gown wedding gown is also called the Fairy-Tale wedding gown, or the Cinderella wedding dress. Usually paired with fitted bodices, these gowns flare out from the hips, adding drama and over-the-top glamor. Pear shapes love this type of wedding dress, but the Hour Glass, the Inverted Triangle, the Rectangle, and the Apple also find this shape attractive on them. A fitted waist is ideal for this shape and petite body types might find these dresses a bit overwhelming to their small frames.

The Diamond Shape

Wedding Dress

Diamond body type is defined by a proportionally larger upper body and narrow hips. The body frame tends to have an athletic look - have broad shoulders, ample bust and a wide back. The hips are slim and the bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side. Waist is subtle and the body (if a bit more full figure) has a tendency to gain weight in the belly and upper body area. Beautiful, shapely legs are often seen as the best asset.

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